About Me

My name is Don MacDonell. I’m originally from Toronto, Canada, but I moved to Seoul, South Korea with my wife and son in 2011. It was shortly after moving to the Korean peninsula that I took an interest in photography. I began exploring the city of Seoul, I was fascinated with the culture, rich traditions, and history. It wasn’t long before I purchased a camera and started creating photographs.

I enjoy photographing the scenes within the city, street photography, as well as portraits of individuals, children, families, friends, engagements, and proposals. I also enjoy working on various photo or video projects within the city, or even across the country.

I’m very happy that you’ve taken an interest in me and my work. I’d like to invite you to review my portfolios on this site. If you feel I’m the right fit for you or your project, or if you have any other inquiries feel free to reach out through the contact form.