An Afternoon Stroll at Ilsan Lake Park

If you’re in the Goyang, Gyeonggi-do area and you’re looking for a calming atmosphere to relax, it’s well worth a visit to Ilsan Lake Park. Ilsan Lake Park includes a central lake with walk and bicycle paths that encircle it. Many couples, families with children, and even older ones enjoy walking around taking in the scenery and fresh air.

Last week, I enjoyed some time walking around with my family and taking photographs. I’ve started to work on a photo project, a ‘photographer’s guide’ to Seoul and South Korea. The following photographs from Ilsan Lake Park mark the beginning of my work on this project.

Ilsan Lake Park Photographs

Families taking a walk at Ilsan Lake Park

There are a lot of apartment buildings in Ilsan, anyone living close by the Lake park likely come often with their families, especially if they have young children. They can run around and play while enjoying the scenery. There are walk and bicycle paths around the entire lake which many also take advantage of. Even if you’re alone you may go for a run while listening to your favorite podcast or music.

People walking and riding bikes on designated paths around Ilsan Lake Park
Walking path at Ilsan Lake Park on a beautiful day.

Of course, there are also some resting places throughout the park. There are porch swings, picnic benches at certain spots, usually with a nice view of the water. They have even made some stone walls with artificial waterfalls.

Couple walking across a bridge at Ilsan Lake Park
Ilsan Lake Park. A young woman sits on a rock while enjoying the scenery at Ilsan Lake Park in Goyang, South Korea. Photographed by Don MacDonell

Getting Creative with Photography

Photographers should be able to go to any location and come away with some interesting photographs. It all comes down to being observant and getting creative. In a big park like this, it’s not hard to find interesting things to shoot. But still, I like to get a little more creative, think outside the box and try to capture something unique. So I walked around we came across these flowers.

White flowers with yellow

So, now it was time to try something unique. We kind of capture the park, a young couple, and the coronavirus all in one shot (kind of). This is the photograph I came up with. I’ll let you be the judge! Let me know how I did out of 10 in the comments below. Here it is:

Young couple walking in Ilsan Lake park during COVID

Final Thoughts and Photos

I definitely enjoyed spending some time with my family. It was a beautiful afternoon. I got to start on my project. Of course, I also took the time to take some photographs of my family. I’ll share a few photos of my son.

Children Portrait at Ilsan Lake Park bySeoul Photographer Don MacDonell
Sunset Portrait in Ilsan by Seoul Photographer Don MacDonell
Young boy holding pinecones

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